第46話:Tuning in to Podcasts Part 1 ポッドキャストを聴こう

Listening to podcasts is a great way to improve your listening skills. It gets your ears and brain used to the language you are currently learning without much pressure. I listen to them in my free time as well and find it really helpful when I’m trying to learn something new. These podcasts are also very easy to have access to. If you are an iPhone user, a podcast application is readily available on your phone. Just look for this purple icon, click it and search for a podcast you might be into. 

If you are an android user on the other hand, you can get your podcasts right from this Google podcast icon, 

or from this green one if you have it downloaded on your phone. 
(Spotify App)

In this first blog post, I’d like to share a few ones I have come across on my iPhone podcast app. These are mainly for beginning learners of English and those who prefer bilingual podcasts. The list comes with points to consider which would hopefully help you find the best podcast for you.

ポッドキャストをくのはリスニングスキルをあげるのに最適! いま習っている言語に、耳や頭が無理なく慣れていくことでしょう。私もなにか新しいことを学ぼうってときには、時間があればポッドキャストを聴いているし、それがとても役立っています。ポッドキャットの使い方はとても簡単。iPhone使っているならアプリは最初から入っているし、アンドロイドユーザーでもこのGoogleポッドキャストアイコンやこの緑色のアイコン(spotify)で使えるようになる。今回は私がiPhoneアプリで見つけたおすすめのものをみんなとシェアしておこうとおもいます。今回紹介するものは基本初心者向きで日本語を交えたものがよい、という人向けです。みんなに役立ってもらえるであろうものをリスト化したつもりなので、きっといいのが見つかるはず!

1. Plain English- 3.5 Rating
Narrated by an American English Speaker
This podcast claims to be one of the best for those learning and practicing English language simply because the host speaks in a much slower pace than the native speed. Words are enunciated very clearly and if you ever miss a word, you need not to worry for it comes with a transcript on its website. It’s not directly linked to the episode but it should be easy to find. The episodes are around 20 minutes long, covering various topics you might find interesting.
Level: Upper Beginner to Intermediate

1:Plain English- 3.5 票 超初心者~中級向け

2. Voice of America- 4.0 Rating
Narrated by an American English Speaker(s)
This is a great language news and information podcast that provides a series of programs in English. It is narrated in English and spoken at a slower speed making it easier to listen to. But I must say that it still depends on the speaker. I have noticed that the pace varied from one narrator to another. They also cover a variety of topics but use vocabulary which is easy to understand and remember. It also has a transcript on their website although not indicated on the podcast provider. The episodes are around 30 minutes long. 
Level: Upper Beginner to Upper Intermediate, Advanced 

2:Voice of America- 4.0 票 初心者~脱中級

3. エイゴの時間- 3.5 Rating 
Narrated by Japanese narrators speaking in American English
If you are a beginning English language learner, I believe that this podcast will be a good one for you. The episodes are shorter, which are around 2 to 3 minutes long. The show introduces words and phrases that are related to each other. The host differentiates them by explaining their meanings and giving examples. The narration pace is slow and the enunciation is very clear. The podcast also allows shadowing, making it a good way to practice pronunciation. It has a website you can check out for more information.
Level: Beginner 

3:エイゴの時間- 3.5票 超初心者向け

4. Hapa英会話- 4.0 Rating
Narrated by a Japanese-American narrator speaking in American English
This podcast is made for you if you prefer listening to English sentences’ Japanese translation. The show is solely hosted by a Japanese-American founder and writer of Hapa Eikaiwa, which is also the name of the podcast. The episodes are narrated in both languages, Japanese and English and in a normal speaking pace. They also have a website where the scripts of the episodes can be found. The topics they cover are about Japanese and foreign society and culture. It also brings in a question to be answered in the beginning part of the episode.
Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

4:Hapa 英会話- 4.0 票 中上級

5. 台本なし英会話レッスン - 4.0 Rating
Narrated by an American English speaker and a Japanese Speaker
Having a presence on all social networking sites, this podcast really proves to be relevant and interactive with their listeners. The program is hosted by two people, one native English speaker and one Japanese speaker. It also comes with a transcript uploaded on their website you can check out for further information. The show covers different topics as well and introduces useful words expressions in the episode. You might fancy this podcast if you prefer an easy listening program. Speakers talk in a normal pace which might be a little more challenging for beginning learners of English.
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

5: 台本なし英会話レッスン - 4.0 Rating 中上級

I hope you find this list interesting! Next week, I will be sharing more of my podcast recommendations. Please look forward to it as well. J


- Teacher Marilou

1.     come across (phrasal verb)- to meet or find by chance ふと出くわす
2.     enunciate (verb)- say or pronounce clearly はっきり発音する
3.    differentiate (verb)- to show or find the difference between things that are compared  区分けする
4.     shadowing (language) (noun)- an advanced learning technique where you listen to a text in your target language, and then speak it aloud at the same time as the native speaker 発音練習のテクニックのこと
5.     solely (adverb)- not involving anyone or anything else; only たったひとりで
6.     interactive (adjective)- responding to or communicating with the other user対話式の
7.  relevant (adjective)- appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest. 適切な 

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