第43話:Autumn Trip Diary Part 1(秋の旅行日記:その1)

Autumn Trip Diary Part 1

Last weekend, Teacher Mina and I along with our bosses went on a trip to Gunma. We went there in the summer for the first time a couple of years ago. This time, we revisited some places we’ve been to before and explored new ones as well. Find out how it went in this blog post. Also, enjoy browsing the photos we took! 


Getting There 

We left for Tokyo Station before the sunrise. It was very refreshing to leave the house early in the morning. The stations are very crowded and the trains are packed. It’s something we don’t always experience. It made me realize how tough it is to commute every single day! We then rode a bullet train to Takasaki Station. It was a first for me, actually. It’s great to take such a convenient means of transportation and be in your destination fast! Before boarding the train, we grabbed something to eat from the bento (meal box) shop in the station. This wall has some cool bento box replicas. J



First Stop: Temple of Wishing Dolls

We arrived in our first destination at around nine o’clock in the morning. We drove to Shorinzan Daruma-ji temple using a car rental service. Getting around the city by car was fun and easy but Teacher Mina and I don’t know how to drive so we’re very thankful for our boss for taking us there! Anyways, we’ve also been to this temple years ago but coming here for the second time was even better. It was summer when we first visited which was all hot and humid but this time was refreshing. The air was crisp and cool and the weather was fine too! 


Second Stop: Sweets Factory  
Next on our itinerary was Gateau Festa Harada located in Takasaki Shinmachi. This is one of the places we’ve previously checked out as well. We didn’t mind going back as it is always a pleasure to watch how these delectable treats were being made. This time though we were able to have a taste of the white and dark chocolate-covered rusk which weren’t available the last time we visited.


Third Stop: Two Lakes in the Mountain

Our third stop was Mt. Akagi and the lakes located in it. It was a long and winding road going up but the sights were totally worth it. The lakes were both enveloped by trees which were almost at the peak of their autumnal beauty. It was also around the golden hour so we had plenty of pretty and warm-toned pictures. After enjoying the majestic view of the mountains with their cloudless blue sky on the background, we headed to our last stop of the day, Ikaho Onsen Hotel. 


*Watch out for the second part of this blog to know more about the rest of the trip! J


- Teacher Marilou  

1.     commute (noun)- To travel back and forth regularly 通勤
2.     bullet train (noun)- A high-speed passenger train 新幹線
3.     destination (noun)- A place that people will make a special trip to visit.  目的地
4.     itinerary (noun)- A route of travel  旅行日程
5.     delectable (adjective)- Delicious  おいしい、おいしそうな
6.     winding (adjective)- With many turns and bends  くねくね曲がった
7.     be worth it (expression)- Enjoyable or useful despite the fact that you have to make an effort

8.     majestic (adjective)- Having or showing impressive beauty 雄大な

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